Reasons to Consult a Nutritionist for The Elderly to Promote Good Health

Reasons to Consult a Nutritionist for The Elderly to Promote Good Health

Date: November 29, 2018

Motherhood is an incredible journey and always brings a bundle of rejoicing. it also gives you some additional pounds. Attaining a healthy weight can really be difficult post-pregnancy, but it is important to get back to shape to lead a healthy life and stay active longer. If you are planning to have another baby, then it can be stressful to lose the weight and fitting into your old clothes. So, if you are eager about to rediscover yourself then Top nutritionists in Delhi NRC for weight loss, Nutriee can make your dream come true. Our knowledgeable and professional nutritionists would make the transition journey much easier with a healthy diet. So don’t let the eating pattern add to our anxiety list including sleepless nights. Top nutritionists in Delhi NRC for weight loss assist you to focus on the slimming down process while not affecting your energy to keep things going.

Here Is A List from Top Nutritionists in Delhi NRC For Weight Loss New Mothers Can Follow to Get Back to Their Old Shapes:

Diet but Don’t Skip Meals

Most of us have a misconception of skipping meals to lose weight faster. Being a new mom we often forget to eat while taking care of our baby. But if you don’t eat properly and start skipping meals then eventually you will lose energy. You need to eat five or six meals a day along with proper snacks. The meals plans must include important vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium to nourish your body and babies while breast feeding. You must also intake enough fluids to keep your body hydrated. it is wise to avoid sugar-laden fruit drinks, sodas which are not only bad for health but will also prevent you to lose weight.

Plan Your Exercise

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron from several other foods. It is also essential nutrients to make body skins, collagen, cartilage, bones. Vitamin C basically helps in the tissue growth and resurrection. Vitamin c requires more than 70% during pregnancy and lactation stage. good sources of Vitamin C are papaya, lemon, oranges, sweet lime, broccoli, pineapple.

Calcium and Protein

Dieting alone will not help you shed baby fat post pregnancy. You need to exercise moderately including slow running, walking and other free hand exercises of course under the guidance of the trainer. Embracing a daily exercise plan would help you to stay active and lose weight in a healthy manner. You can just walk with a baby stroller and feel energetic to exercise more.

Take Your Time to Eat

Being a mother, we often finish our meal in a hurry and never can stick to our regime of weight loss. So, to get the maximum benefits of your weight loss goal, consult Nutriee, a hub of Top nutritionists in Delhi NRC. They always advise you to take time while you eat. It will help you digest the meal as well as to eat less than a meal in a hurry.