Negative Calorie Food- What Does Delhi’s Top Nutritionist Say about It

Negative Calorie Food- What Does Delhi’s Top Nutritionist Say about It

By Priyanka Agarwal | Nutrition Practitioner from Roehampton University,London
Date: August 15, 2019

Negative Calorie Food is a concept well debated about among health-conscious ones. Does it work or not? Whether negative calorie food concept really exist? Those struggling to shed the extra pounds in the gym are trying to go on a negative calorie diet to see visible results. Obesity has stuck almost 800 million people around the globe. With an eating disorder and sleep disorder, the problem has been aggravated. Obesity causes many life-threatening diseases as well.

There are lots of recommended diets to overcome weight issues, but selecting the appropriate one suitable for your body type and lifestyle needs an expert’s consultation. Some people sweat hard in the gym but still do not fetch desired weight loss due to wrong eating habits and wrong diet charts. An expert nutritionist can examine your body type and suggest ways to hike your metabolism process through some special diet charts. Negative Calorie Food is followed in addition to that. It acts as a catalyst to push your body weight further down on the weight machine scale. But let us first understand the concept of negative calorie food!

Know about Negative Calorie Food

There is nothing other than water that contains zero calories, and negative calorie is an imaginative concept. A negative calorie food is practically referred to those edible items that are low in calories and high in fiber and nutritional values. Being high in fiber, they take time in getting digested. Our stomach burns more calories in digesting these foods than the calorie count they originally contained. Hence the concept of negative calorie crops up!

Know More about Negative Calorie Food

As mentioned earlier it’s a calculative phenomenon and doesn’t really exist. Food edibles like cucumber, celery have high water content, rich in fiber, packed with nutrients and low in calories. These food items benefit your body by pushing the fats and weight further down. They are great for weight loss in the body.

Here is How Negative Calorie Food Aids Weight Loss

There are some benefits of incorporating negative calorie food in your diet. Along with aiding weightloss without much physical turmoil, they provide your body with essential nutrients. Some ways in which they benefityour body are discussed underneath:

Low-Calorie Count– These foods are so low in calories (almost below 50 calories per serving) that it is a guilt-free munching option whenever hunger pangs strike. Here, the more you eat, the more you will benefit. Their digestion burns more calories than what they have on offer, ultimately terming them as negative calorie food.

High Nutritional Values– Such food are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and provide your body with adequate nutrition.

High Fiber Content– The dietary fiber content in negative calorie food is high and keeps you fuller for longer. You need longer to chew them and digest them ultimately burning a great amount of calorie.

Some Negative Calorie Food Items

  • Lettuce- 5 calories per cup
  • Cucumber- 8 calories per cup
  • Celery- 14 calories per cup
  • Zucchini- 21 calories per cup
  • Broccoli- 31 calories per cup
  • Tomatoes- 32 calories per cup
  • Watermelon- 46 calories per cup
  • Carrots – 52 calories per cup
  • Apples- 53 calories per cup
  • Grapefruit- 69 calories per cup

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