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Weight Management

As people are getting aware of health and fitness, weight management is one of the first set goals. Losing that extra, unwanted weight has become one of the most important concerns for many people these days. However, hectic schedule, long working hours...

Lifestyle Disorders

With so many people living a hectic and stressful lifestyle in present times, it is of no wonder that as many as almost 40 million Americans are suffering from various lifestyle disorders. With such kind of a hapless disarray and unkempt set...

Pregnancy and Lactation

The seed of life grows from the womb of pregnant women. Therefore, taking care of the eating habit of every pregnant woman is important. The daily requirement of nutrients is more for pregnant and lactating women as compared to other adult women....

Child Nutrition

Kids are known for their playful nature that makes their mother be on the toes to feed them the right meal. A proper nutrition is important to support their growth and health. A healthy and balanced diet comprising of all the macro...



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I am Priyanka Agarwal, a Government Approved, Qualified Nutrition Practitioner from Roehampton University in London and my objective in life is to bring positive health benefits into people’s lives without altering your lifestyle greatly.

At Nutriee, our team of expert Nutrition Practitioners help you achieve your health goals with minimum efforts and negligible change in your eating, sleeping, or exercising habits.

We love to make positive transformations in our clients’ lives by simple yet effective and proven nutrition techniques. Contact us to get started today!

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