Shivi Maheshwari          5

I surely recommend Nutriee to everyone if you want to loose weight.
I loose 5 kg weight which is just impossible to loose but I did just because of Priyanka’s diet.
she is an amazing nutritionist and treat her every client with full interest. she is very approachable and her staff is also very helpful.
I loose the weight without loosing the glow on my face which is a very remarkable for my side.
Thank u so much Priyanka

December 24, 2019
Working| Delhi

Yashica khanna          4.5

Priyanka is one of the best dietician in delhi.she almost gave everything in my diet which I loved and still I lost my weight.she’s so humble and caring.i always enjoyed her diet . Thankyou so much priyanka and also big thanks to her employees.

October 3, 2019
Model | Delhi

Niyati Arora          4.5

Priyanka didi is the best nutritionist i have met. I lost 8 kgs. in 3 months that too with lots and lots of cheats my double chin my hip fat is totally lost I have come from 36 waist to 32 and from xl to m I would definitely recommend Nutriee.

September 16, 2019
Student| Delhi

Ritika Bhasin          5

i would like to recommend Priyanka with 10/10 rating on everything. I followed her diet for 4 months and i had lost 8-10 kgs.
I was always confident with myself, even 4 months ago, but I am more confident now because of the lifestyle i have adopted.
She made my diet according to my preferences and eating habits and was very well connected with me socially even at odd timings if needed. I could about my cravings, my emotional connect(because that is imp aspect when your body goes to changes) .
You need to have discipline in portion eating else you can eat anything you want.

Thankyou so much Priyanka

September 4, 2019
Working | Delhi

Ruchhika Nanda          4.5

A great facilitator in not only just weight loss but also helps you adopt the right choices of food. You will not have to give up on your favorites if you are on a weight loss journey. Nutiee will help you lose weight without giving up on your favorite food items. Priyanka has been a great nutritionist with not only guiding me with diets but also giving me recipes and logical reasons of why am i having a particular combination of food.

September 2, 2019
Working | Delhi

Radhika Itkan          5

This review is for everyone who wants to shed kilos and still juggling. Lemme help you in turing your skeptism into believe. Just call Priyanka, give out your details, aim and go with the diet plan she gives. It’s seriously so simple.
1. The plans are customised just for you
2. Available through out the day/week
3. Will share thrice/twice in a week (depending on your progress)
4. Friendly and open to discuss
5. Ready to give logics and clear your doubts
6.Best even for working people with hectic schedule and travelling(just like me)
7. You wont feel like dieting when you actually do.
8. Your skin texture will improve

1. You have to say Bye Bye to those extra fat skin

September 2, 2019
Working | Delhi

Priyanka Gupta          5

Priyanka helped me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. She kept me motivated during 2 and a half months and the results are great. I struggled with understanding what type of diet to observe but the diet plans she created made it easy. She regularly checked progress made and customized accordingly. At the end, I am happy that I no longer have to feel bad about clothes not fitting me or hiding my stomach paunch. Thank you!

July 11, 2019
Student | Toronto

Ridhima Achreja          5

Thank you Priyanka for being so amazing and helping me get back in shape. Three months sounds long but when it comes to shedding weight it seems less. With your constant support and superbly curated diet plan, I have achieved my goal in such a short span. I really appreciate the way you coped with my circumstances- giving me what was easy for me to cook/find, last minute meal changes.
Thank you and I am going to stay in touch to remain fit.
More power to you!!

June 27, 2019

Deepali Tyagi          4.5

I’ve had an amazing experience consulting with Priyanka. She helped me reduce 6 kgs in 2 months duration. She designed my plan keeping in mind that im a new mom and feeding my baby. I never felt I was on a strict diet. She was flexible in her diet plan to gave me options if i was going on a vacation or a party.

June 25, 2019
Working and lactating mother

Swathy parmar chawhan          5

Priyanka thank you for all the support .. ur constant follow with with weight update didn’t let me cheat .. truely speaking never felt to cheat either because I enjoyed all my fav food with Diet plan given ..she’s great..I have visible inch loss just in a month

June 22, 2019
Housewife | Bangalore

Deepika Dhawan          4.5

I strongly recommend Nutriee to each individual who is trying loose weight and gain health. Nutritionist Priyanka Agarwal is the best nutritionist I have ever come across. She treats her clients with utmost compassion and care. I lost 10kgs in 5 months purely with interesting diet plans made by her. She makes customised diet plans which offer wide variety and not even once I missed food or felt that I am deprived of anything. Not only I lost weight but gained health as well, all my medical reports improved drastically just by change of lifestyle under Priyanka’s guidance. Shout out loud if you want to loose weight and gain health Nutritionist Priyanka is your person. She is too good at her work.

June 20, 2019
Working | Delhi

Ishaan          5

She is extremely helpful and customises your diet plan according to your needs and preferences. The best thing about her service is that she constantly stays in touch with you as you follow the diet plan.Moreover, she is very approachable and i will 100% recommend her service to anyone looking to work on their diet plan.

June 11, 2019
Delhi, Student

Kanika Malhotra          4.5

I would definitely recommend everyone to join Nutriee. Following diet as planned by Priyanka was not at all difficult, rather i enjoyed it. I have lost 8 kgs in just 3 months.

June 6, 2019
Banker | Delhi

Anjana Mittal          5

I have been eating incorrectly my entire adult life and gained weight upto 85 kg, and have always kept myself hungry in order to loose weight! The diet that I received especially with regard to what constitutes a balanced meal was the most beneficial. This is the first time I feel satisfied; my cravings have diminished dramatically and I have a whole new relationship with food. I am eating guilt free for the first time in my life. My energy has also dramatically increased and I feel great! I have successfully lost 12 kg . Thank you Priyanka !!

June 3, 2019
Housewife | Delhi

Sonakshi Garg          5

Priyanka is very much dedicated to her work..she is a source of inspiration to me..she gave very relaxed diet plans n recipes which can be prepared easily.. I don’t find any difficulty in following d plan..thanks for and partience an support..

May 29, 2019
Housewife | Delhi

Cherry Sachdeva          5

she’s great….with so many outings n a few cheat days I lost 3.5 lbs under Priyanka guidance….she supported and motivated me so well towards goal

May 20, 2019
Housewife | Delhi

Shikha goel          4.5

She is amazing. She changed the diet plan according to my needs everyday. She gave me everything in diet so i never had any food craving.

May 10, 2019
Student | Krishna Nagar, Delhi

Hardik Chibber          5

I connected Ma’am 3 and half months back with her guidance and assistance I lost about 11 kgs and the diets are based on your likings.
Thank you.

May 7, 2019
Student | Delhi

Rahul gupta          4.5

best nutrition…
I follow plan from last month and reduce my weight…

Each day customised diet plan having very tasty dishes which reduce your weight without using any gadget or machines

just follow the diet .. 100% recommended from my side

May 2, 2019
Student | Delhi

Sana Soophia          5

I connected her 2 months back and she is really helpful. I lost 4 kgs in 2 months. She is always ready to do changes is diet plan according to my convenience.
She is very good.

May 1, 2019
Student | Delhi

Shivani Agarwal          5

she is absolutely amazing ,i did diet with her for about a year nd reached my goal ,shedding 17kgs was never easy bt she made it possible … a must follow page ,she is just awesome

February 14, 2019
Student | Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Megha Dalela          4.5

I loved getting associated with Priyanka. She recommended just the perfect diet which was customised to my frequent travel due to work. Very approachable, patient, friendly and thoroughly professional in her conduct. Helped me achieve my target in 3 months. Best wishes to Nutriee and her!

February 12, 2019
Working | Delhi

Shimona Kaur          5

We have been associated with Priyanka since last 3 months. The weight loss and inch loss journey has been amazing. Priyanka has been very particular on the diet plans and food preferences which made it easier for us to follow the diet. She had always been encouraging on the entire process which actually yielded good results. Thank you Priyanka! Must recommend.

January 25, 2019
Student | New Delhi

Aarti Vohra          5

My experience with Priyanka was absolutely delightful.She is always ready to make changes according to your plans. She is very polite and humble. She knows her job very well. I have lost around 3.5 kgs in 2 months.
Highly recommend.

December 19, 2018
Gtb Nagar | Delhi

Vishakha          5

It was a really good experience with her. Mostly available for my doubts, cooperative, professional, knowledgeable and a polite person she is.
My weightloss journey under her guidance has proven to be fruit full and i’m looking forward for losing some more under her supervision only.

December 5, 2018
Student, Rohini | Delhi

Manisha          4.5

I am really glad that I have met you through instragram. I have lose my weight upto 6kg’s by following the diet plan in love with the new me! Thank you so much Priyanka Agarwal Man!! And the diet plan was quiet friendly!
I suggest people to follow u those are eager to lose their weight and there wont’t be any health issues from the diet!

November 29, 2018
Student | Bhopal

Kriti Goyal          5

She is just amazing as she answered my all queries and customised my diet according to me being a patient her guidance helped me a lot. I was very lazy and always busy in using phn but she is d one who always encourage me and she also tell me right way of using d phn. I reduce 4kg weight in a month, thankyou so much for helping me out.

November 3, 2018
Student | Pashim vihar Delhi

Neha Tomar          4.5

Great Coordination and effective result.

October 29, 2018
Working, Rohini | Delhi

Seema Abrol          5

I hired her as my dietician and i lose 7kgs weight in 3 months.She is very good in her professional,always helpful and friendly.She always plan diet as per your food habits, no starving.She is a good dietician and a helpful person.

October 26, 2018
Housewife, Pitampura | Delhi

Sakshi          4.7

I loved everything about the diet plan which Priyanka has recommended.. I have always heard people complaining that it is difficult to follow a diet, however, my opinion tends to differ here. Priyanka gave a lot of flexibility in the diet plan. I managed to reduce 4 kgs in a month’s time without any physical workout.. I would strongly recommend her to the people who are looking for weight reduction..

October 23, 2018
Paschim Vihar | Delhi

Mansi Vadera          5

Priyanka started consulting me 3 months back and she has really been supportive throughout. Whenever I needed sudden tweaks in my diet plan, she was always there to suggest and tried being more personal in her approach which a rate quality. Priyanka is truly gem of a person.

October 23, 2018
Working, Dilshad garden| Delhi

Vijay Saini          4.5

She is a very good nutritionist. I lost around 3KG’s in a month with her help. She is very approachable and always available to help. I highly recommend her.

October 22, 2018
Student, Naresh Park , Nangloi | Delhi

Jaspinder Kaur          4

I was Suffering with gastric and digestion problem. Its being a month now that i’m following diet as Priyanka suggested and my health is improving day by day. Diet given by priyanka have many options which favour me to choose according to my taste as well. Thanks to her.

October 13, 2018
Rohini | Delhi

Chaudhary Deepali          4.5

she is just amazing.. she is always available and ready to help whenever i have quistions.. I was not able to gain weight but she helped me to gain weight..She always provided me diet plan on time and also always made me remind for weight update.. I really want to thank her for her contribution.

October 11, 2018
Student, Rohini | Delhi

Shweta Gupta          4.5

Being a foodie, it is really hard to go for dieting. But after connecting with Priyanka, learn many things. The diet plans are customised as per the health condition of an individual. You see results within few days of starting. THank you so much Priyanka for everything.

October 9, 2018
Housewife, Pitampura | Delhi

Nishtha Kathuria          5

I would like to thank you for changing my life completely. I was stressed with the change in my physique as i had gained lot of weight due to medicines. I got to know about Dietician Priyanka through urban clap and i decided to vist her… initially i was not confident about getting results but with the diet she gave me just in 2 weeks my body started showing changes. I have regained my confidence n my body has gained a proper shape…

The complete credit for this goes to Dietitian Priyanka

I just want to tell everyone that to loose weight we do not need to do dieting its just that we need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet..

thanks a lot n i would like to wish u success in future.

September 25, 2018
Working, Pitampura | Delhi

Sukrit Jain          4.5

She is great…she motivates you and timely cordinates with you and design plan according to your needs!

September 25, 2018
Student, Rohini | Delhi

Devang Lohia          5

I would highly recommend Mrs Priyanka to everyone for their dietary requirements.She is a master of her subject and knows what is ideal for a particular person. I have lost around 7 kgs after following her 5 week diet plan. She was always available on cell for any kind of special requests and was very polite.

I believe as consumers of any sort of service apart from the results,courtesy any politeness should be most important criterion in selecting any service provider. My weight reduced from 93.5 kgs to 86.5kgs within the 5 week period. I had to stop going to gym as well,due to certail personal commitments, hence the entire weight loss can be attributed to the diet chart prepared by Mrs Priyanka.

Therefore, a well deserving 5 star rating for her.

Thanks Priyanka for your sincere efforts!

September 21, 2018
Student | Delhi

Aksshat seth          4

She is a very good dietician. Dropped quite a few kilos. Diet is very good and price for the diet.

September 10, 2018
Student | Delhi

Jigyasa jain          5

She is very approachable all the time to help you with the diet and available to make changes according to outings or seasonal infections. I dropped 2 kg in 2 weeks with her diet along with outings and stomach infection.
The best part of the diet is various recipes that she provide to satisfy the cravings.

August 13, 2018
Ashok Vihar , Delhi

Gaurav Rathaur          4.5

I lost 4 kgs in a month without exercise, diet plan made by Priyanka was very good and easy to follow I would recommend to everyone who is interested in weight management to consult Priyanka

August 11, 2018
Karkardooma, Anand Vihar, Delhi

Vanshika Gupta          4.5

An amazing page to follow for staying healthy and getting in shape. Mrs. Priyanka is very efficient in her work. Must follow.

July 27, 2018
New Delhi, Student

Nitesh Rajput          4.5

Nutriee diet program is very helpful and life-habit forming. I not only lost weight but also started feeling much better by following the program

May 23, 2018
New Delhi, Service industry

Vineet Agarwal          5

I was 74 and was always worried about how I look. I found Nutriee online and used their services. I was given consultation mostly on Skype and Whatsapp, but it was all very effective, I am now 64 and love to see myself in the mirror.

April 2, 2018
Scotland, UK Businessman

Ruby Gupta          4.5

I contacted Nutriee post my pregnancy and she helped me get rid of all my pregnancy fat in no time. I will highly recommend her to all ladies.

January 16, 2018
Jhansi, Housewife