Essential 7 Tips to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

Essential 7 Tips to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

Date: September 13, 2019

People today are living in a materialistic world. They do care about the wealth and money but little do they care about their health and wellness! The ill choices made by people in lieu of lifestyle and habits is taking a toll on their health and they land up in several unexpected lifestyle diseases that are dangerous and life threatening. In an approximate survey it is found that around 14 million people around the globe die every year due to lifestyle diseases. You can now understand how grave and serious this issue is and you can hereby come across some tips, laid down by famous Delhi nutritionist, Ms Priyanka Agarwal, to safeguard and prevent yourself from this problem.

Some Examples of Common Lifestyle Diseases

There are plenty of lifestyle disorders but some very commonly found ones are:

  • Cardio-Vascular Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Certain Cancer Forms

All these lifestyles diseases disrupt normal living and threaten human lives. Care should be taken to avoid their occurrence.

Tips to prevent lifestyle diseases

Certain rules and guidelines should be followed to keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Some are discussed below:

Tip 1 (Diet)

What you eat and intake plays a vital role in determining your health.

  • A rich wholesome balanced diet of fresh fruits and veggies is important for a healthy living.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eating less oily food is advised
  • Junk food should be completely eliminated from the diet.
  • Avoid refined flour and replace it with whole wheat flour.
  • Consume fiber rich food
  • Portion your meal size and eat at regular intervals.

Tip 2 (Exercise)

A regular and balanced physical activity is needed for a perfect life. So a 30 minute session of exercise at least 5 days a week is recommended. Walking is the safest and easiest form of physical activity and people from all age group can incorporate it in their daily life.

  • Take stairs in place of elevators
  • Try a brisk morning and evening walk sessions.
  • Take a short walk to the nearest bus stop in place of rickshaw
  • Try to do little household chores

Tip 3

Try to keep distant from alcohol and tobacco consumption. These are hazardous elements causing severe form of cancer.

Tip 4

Cut down your sugar intake. Replace sugar with honey. This is the best way to avoid diabetes indeed.

Tip 5

Keep a check on your BMI. Body mass index help you determine your ideal weight and if you are overweight and obese do take immediate action. Consult a nutritionist at the earliest.

Tip 6

Avoid junk and oily food to lower the risk of cholesterol and heart attack.

Tip 7

Last but not the least go in for regular health check-ups to be aware of your health conditions.

You can prevent lifestyle diseases from engulfing you if you take proper care of your health. A well trained and experienced nutritionist can guide you with ways to keep healthy and fit. We are Nutriee, a qualified team of nutritionist who can guide you on the topic of lifestyle diseases and ways to prevent it. Come to us for any health problems and we assure you with the best solution and treatment.