Guilt-Free Snacks On Leading Charts With Less Than 100 Calories

Guilt-Free Snacks On Leading Charts With Less Than 100 Calories

By Srishty Saini
Date: October 25, 2018

From how long you have been listening to eat healthy snack if needed, in middle of main meals? Might be from quite a long time! But have you ever thought what those elusive healthy snacks are? Well, it’s just the first case in which you wonder about the healthy snacks, another case is, the evening hunger pangs which make you restless and famished and confused what could be the healthy snacking? All this ends up with junk and processed foods leaving you feel guilty and later bloated.

Whereas, we have the guilt-free snacks on our leading charts with less than 100 calories yet delicious which will keep you up until the next meal. Interestingly, lot of health experts says that healthy snacking helps keeping your metabolism up, preventing binging on junk and thus, promoting weight loss. So, today we have came up with the perfect go-to healthy snacks, you can easily reach for whenever hunger strikes without feeling disappointed further. Have a look at problem solved, 10 guilt-free snack options that have less than 100 calories!

  • 1 Cup Raspberries with 1 tbsp of plain yogurt:

    Plain yogurt and raspberries is a great combination of strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C and proboitic and best to get energy boost at the same time.

  • 3 Slices of tomato with ¼ cups avocado and ½ tsp Olive oil drizzle:

    from top sprinkle a bit of pepper and have a gourmet snacks worthy of a 5-Star dine out. Adding a thin small mashed slice of cottage cheese (paneer) wouldn’t be the deal breaker either.

  • Whole 13 almonds:

    Yes, thirteen whole almonds! Typically it’s a quite a lot and so you’ll feel as if you’ve had a snack up to the hunger. Full of healthy fats, protein, fibre, Vitamin E and yummy too.

  • 1 small baked potato:

    Potatoes are low in calories and fat free. Rest differs the way you prepare them which makes it all the different. Bake thin sliced potato filled and enjoy it with a tea as a wholesome snack.

  • 1 whole egg:

    Have one whole egg interestingly cooked, when struck by a sudden hunger pang. You can choose to go for a simple boiled egg with least calories or for a scrambled egg with your favorite veggies.

  • 1 bowl of roasted lentils or sprouts:

    A bowl of roasted lentils or sprouts could be the perfect weight loss snack due to the high in fiber and complex carbohydrates content and more importantly it’s in fat and calories that make you feel fuller and satisfied.

  • ½ cup of oatmeal:

    A fiber rich whole grain that contains a boost of energy and vital nutrients. Mix ½ cup of cooked oatmeal with some chopped low caloric veggies such as cucumbers, beans and carrots to enjoy a quick and healthy snack.

  • 40 grams of grilled chicken or fish:

    Grilled lean protein like chicken or fish is a great healthy snack. It’s a high-protein snack best to have after your workout session. Protein is a great nutrient for busting hunger as it digests slowly and keeps cravings away.

  • 1 banana:

    Banana is the best fruits to be eaten as a snack as it’s full of fiber and low in carbs. It helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels and also prevents the eagerness to eat something unnecessarily.

  • 2 medium sized guavas:

    Guavas satisfy appetite easily and also helps in regulating optimal metabolism. Raw guavas are rich in vitamin C and known to consist of less sugar than other fruits like oranges, apples or grapes.

Words Of Wisdom

Every snack suggest above in the list have their own specific nutritional properties and are considered the power house of some or the other essential nutrients required by your body to sustain a healthy living. So, fill up without worrying about extra kilos with these easy to make, delicious and healthy snack options that all provide less than 100 calories in single serving.