Eradicate Social Evils with Child Nutrition Plans and Programmes Pitampura Delhi

Eradicate Social Evils with Child Nutrition Plans and Programmes Pitampura Delhi

By Priyanka Agarwal | Nutrition Practitioner from Roehampton University,London
Date: August 30, 2018

Hunger is a social evil. It may not necessarily force someone to do something evil, but will definitely not allow one to concentrate on the task at hand, and concentration, as we all know, is one of the immensely important factors to accomplish any sort of task with vigil and vigour. Well, to talk about those children who are suffering regularly out of malnourishment, you always think about the ones who belong to families of below poverty level or to the backward classes. It is also possible that children from well-to-do families also can face the malnutrition problem in a huge way. Many of the parents do not know the exact amount of food that a child must intake to have a healthy anatomical structure. Having good food does not mean the quantity it actually defines the quality of food along with the number of green vegetables and other food products that would provide your child the quantum nutrition. The Child Nutrition Plans and Programmes Pitampura Delhi aims to educate each and every parent about the need of providing healthy food on a regular basis.

Parents’ Need of Cognisance

It is important to understand that undernutrition does not just affect the children’s health but also jeopardizes their future. If from the inception they are not provided with good and quality balanced meal that includes the proper amount of calcium, vitamins and other minerals and proteins then the child would not have a healthy growth. Such deficiencies would also result in causing various other health diseases and abnormalities. Poor health condition would lead to incompetent academic performances, resulting in fewer job opportunities in the future. If you are not providing your child with a proper nutritional diet and making her a junk foodie then the whole-body metabolism would start malfunctioning within a few years of her adolescence.

Malnutrition is a big problem among the deprived classes as well and hence the government has put a hard endeavour in resolving such issues from its roots. The Child Nutrition Plans and Programmes Pitampura Delhi are dedicated to making each and every one of you aware about the various adversities of malnutrition.

Child Nutrition Programmes

In contemporary times major nutrition supplementation programmes have been arranged and organised by the Indian government. The various programmes are:

  • Integrated Child Development Services Scheme
  • Mid-day Meal programmes
  • Special Nutrition Programmes
  • Wheat Based Nutrition Programmes
  • Applied Nutrition Programmes
  • Balwadi Nutrition Programmes
  • National Nutritional Anaemia Prophylaxis Programme, et cetera.

To get the detail information of the facilities and amenities provided and arranged through this government aided Child Nutrition Programmes you must visit the health and nutrition hub Nutriee.

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