Corporate World Eating Habits

Corporate World Eating Habits

By Priyanka Agarwal | Nutrition Practitioner from Roehampton University,London
Date: July 20, 2018

Life is a circle of work which can either be the office work or the household work. Like we say, work is a never-ending process. Similarly, working in corporate sectors is a big task nowadays. So, considering the eating habits is also very important for people. There is a popular saying, “One cannot sleep well, think well, or work well if one has not dined well”. It’s important to eat well and sleep well but the food we eat should consist of a good amount of nutrition. However, is it possible for people who work in the corporate world, carry a full-fledged meal?
Homemade foods are always considered healthier as compared to the office canteen or mess food which contain excessive oil, salt, and sugar. In the home cooked food, we can be sure of the quality and ingredients that are used during preparation. When the same dish is prepared in the office canteen or mess, the quality can’t be guaranteed. So, whatever energy we burn every day is generally less than the calories we consumed. Hence, we end up gaining those extra kilos. In the close environment of the office, it is necessary to opt for the healthy foods that do not just keep us hydrated but also low in calories and can be digested properly.

Packed Homemade Office Lunch

This is the easiest way to cut down on those extra calories and by not binging on those packed food items. So, it is always a healthier option to carry your lunch box which is fresh and also packed with a lot of nutrients. You can make the choice on your own. And, the interesting part is that it will satisfy your taste buds. Ultimately, you will not feel conscious of overeating. A proper meal consists of chapati, vegetables, a small bowl of curd and a plate of salad.

Healthy Hydration

It is important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. You can either drink water in the natural form or in any other form such as buttermilk, salted lemon water, fruit juice or vegetable juices. When you sit in the air-conditioned environment for long, moisture gets devoid from the skin. So, it’s essential to retain its hydration. A water bottle at your desk is a must. It’s true that drinking water helps the body to burn more calories. It also aids in digestion and increases metabolism. Remember, water is a no-calorie drink.

Healthy Snack at Your Desk

Grabbing a pack of chips or a pack of cookies is never a healthy option, though it’s easy to munch on during the office hours or even when in stress. But it won’t help to burn out work pressure. You can keep nuts, fruits, flax seeds, homemade yogurt with fruits on your desk. These foods also help in boosting your concentration.

Curb the Cravings

To rein in your cravings is sometimes difficult, especially when you are in office. When you see your favourite food item or you get the aroma of it, the brain soon sends the hunger pangs. To control those hunger pangs is difficult and you end up eating junk food or sugary food items that are high in carbohydrates or fats.

Packed Juices and Cold Drinks Unhealthy Refreshments

To maintain that healthy weight and triggering those inches, it’s essential to avoid the caffeinated beverages, energy drinks, sodas and packed juices. As they are high in sugars which is not a healthy option. Drinks that can be included in your diet are green tea, buttermilk, vegetable juices, fruit smoothies as these are low in calories and they also boost the metabolism.

Over to you:

The best way to keep yourself healthy and fit is to switch to homemade food along with a combination of nutrient-rich diet and much of your self-control on your cravings which can result in a healthy snacking habit right from today in your office.