Pregnancy and Lactation

Pregnancy and Lactation

Ensure Good Health with The Right Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation

The seed of life grows from the womb of pregnant women. Therefore, taking care of the eating habit of every pregnant woman is important. The daily requirement of nutrients is more for pregnant and lactating women as compared to other adult women. They should have an optimum Calorie intake, Calcium, Vitamin B and Iron etc.
The right nutrition is not only important for the mother’s health but also for the growth of the baby. A number of physical and hormonal changes happen in the body and only the right nourishment can keep the mother and the baby healthy.

Implement A Good Eating Habit

Although the body’s requirement increases during pregnancy, however, the old quote “eat for two” is certainly not true. Overeating can lead to excess weight gain which can be harmful to the mother and the baby both. During lactation, eating habits of the mother affect the health and growth of the baby as it completely depends on the mother’s milk for growth, especially in the first six months. Postpartum weight loss also depends on the eating habit and lifestyle of the mother. Therefore, a well balanced and healthy diet comprising of all the macro and micronutrients plays an important role.

Take Expert Help for A Tailored Diet Plan

Here at Nutriee, we suggest you a personalised whole food diet that not only ensures good health but also helps you in managing food cravings. Pregnancy and lactation period requires a healthy eating habit which is important for the mother and infant both. At Nutriee, we focus on introducing healthy eating habits at the first stage of life by helping every pregnant and lactating woman with the right nutrition. Every woman is different and therefore, we plan a tailored diet according to the lifestyle, medical history, and personal preferences.
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