Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

Importance of A Proper Nutrition for Kids

Kids are known for their playful nature that makes their mother be on the toes to feed them the right meal. A proper nutrition is important to support their growth and health. A healthy and balanced diet comprising of all the macro and micronutrients is important for kids because of many reasons such as maintenance of energy levels, boosting immunity and improving bone health. Every nutrient plays its own role for the growth of the body and therefore, it is important to include a variety of food options in their diet.

Keep Processed Foods at Bay

Nowadays, kids have more access to processed foods that are high in refined ingredients, added sugar and fat that make them prone to obesity at such a young age. This extra weight becomes a burden for them in the future as it affects their social and personal life on various levels. The cases of childhood diabetes and obesity is increasing in India because of the higher level of stress and bad eating habit. Therefore, it is important to introduce a healthy habit and active lifestyle to your kid.

Here Is How Nutriee Helps

Here at Nutriee, we plan a whole food diet for your kid that includes a variety of cereals, legumes, fruits, and vegetables along with interesting recipes to keep with the interest of the kid. There are many factors that affect their diets such as age, weight, height, activity level and body structure. Therefore, it is important to plan accordingly to support the growth and development of the kid. At Nutriee, we give you easy-to-make recipes that can be cooked and packed in the tiffin box of the kid easily, so that your kid never misses a meal.
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